Alien Squad Smash

Defend your city from aliens raining down the sky. Use your finger to trigger weapons of mass destruction and destroy the invading aliens. Do not let them touch the ground or your health will decrease, but shooting them up with combo attacks award you with extra lives.


  • Drag and destroy enemies with simple touch and drag movements.
  • Colourful UI and detailed background.
  • Health is restored in two ways :
    1. Watch an Ad and gain 10+ lives instantly.
    1. Wait for the timer to finish countdown and then you can start the game again.


  • Touch and drag across the screen to wipeout aliens falling down from the top.
  • Aliens upon touching the ground, reduces your life bar and the game is over once your bar is empty.
  • Destroy aliens using a variety of weapons and combos to gain a perfect high score.
  • Share and compete with your friends for the best rank.
  • Once your life is over, you are left with two choices :
    1. Either, Watch an ad and gain 10 lives quickly.
    1. Or, wait for the timer to finish countdown before you can proceed to starting off a new game.