Bow Hunting Chief

Are you ready to feel the thrill of bow hunting games online? Then get ready to explore the hunting world with us. From the first you can observe that Bow Hunt is a classical adventures game. So, if you’re looking for the same adventure you opt well from all online bow hunting games. If you do, GlobusGames present Bow hunting Chief which will surely satisfy all your needs.

Bow Hunting Chief

Bow Hunting Chief is a unique game modernize with integrated features which enthusiast you with it’s astonishing UI and functionality. The entire game has specially designed with cocos2d which is an open source platform to design 2D game engine for mobile game apps and having 50 levels all amusing to play. The game have a tremendous feature that’ll surely immerse you into thrilling entertainment right from the beginning.

What makes Bow Hunting Chief Different from other

Just Imagine, you’re walking slowly in the forests, well dressed up in camouflage, without making any sounds, with the bow in your hands……all off sudden, you see group of birds flying in front of you….far away. You take the bow strain it and shoot….sound interesting? Yes, Bow Hunting Chief is exactly same! So, what are you waiting for? Just be ready to feel some adrenaline rushing through your veins because, Bow Hunting Chief will give you that!

What’s New in Version 1.1

the new version 1.1 includes a special theme in the game along with a new social media feature. Now you can connect your Bow Hunting Chief game with Facebook via Facebook graph story integration. The feature will let you connect, play and compare your scores with your friends and family. You can see a friend’s score and level and share your own when you beat their scores and level. You can watch and share ads to gain arrows in the game and can get a refill of arrows as well as fresh lives. Just continues to the saga and feel the thrill on and on.

How to Play

  • Download and install the game (Totally Free)
  • Menu- click on play to start the game
  • Level Screen- select any level from 50 various level
  • Play Screen- tap on selected target on moving birds
  • Use MultiArrow power to hit multiple birds
  • when out of arrow opt to multiple options to refill your arrows
  • share your score with friends

Main Objective of Playing Bow Hunting

The whole object of Bow Hunting Chief is to shoot as many birds as you can because they will bring you points. The good thing about bow hunting games online, in general, and also Bow Hunt, is the fact that they usually can be played very easily and share with friends. So, you can have lots of fun playing and share with your friends!