Brain Memory Master

Are you ready to flex your brain muscles? If YES, GobusGames is ready to offer its one more popular game – Brain Memory Master. This one needs no explanation as the name says the entire story. The game test your ability to think and test your mental skills in the line of cognitive psychological principles. This is a kind of game which you would like to play in order to increase your ability, agility, and sharpness. Sounds interesting! Yes…it is. If you like to sharpen your mind and increase your mental as well as analytical ability, Brain Memory Master will satisfy all your needs. So get ready to squeeze and test your mental skills with a superb collection of GlobusGames – Brain Memory Master.

About Brain Memory Master

Brain Memory Master is another popular heavy-weight game in the puzzles category of GlobusGames. In this addictive game, you have to quickly answer the questions. All questions belong to the category (missing alphabet, color identify, face identify, color pair, different smiley, identity sequence) you have chosen. If you gave the right answer you’ll get a score and can continue for next question. If you failed to give then need to start again. This is where it gets tricky. There’s is also time trial so you need to give the answer in the given time and, of course, the difficulty increases as the levels progress. If you are up for a challenge and test your mental skills then download this superb app and play.

How to Play

  • Download and install the game (Totally Free)
  • Menu- click on play to start the game
  • Select a game to play
  • Start Screen: Play Here
  • Right answer gives you score and continue to next
  • The wrong answer will show two option “Try again” and “ Continue”. You can choose any one of them.
  • when out of life! Wait for a while else ask your friends through Facebook
  • share your score with friends

What’s New in Brain Memory Master

The game has added many new features now and is more exciting than before. Now you can connect your Brain Memory Master with Facebook. The feature will let you connect, play and compare your scores with your friends and family. You can see a friend’s score and level and share your own when you beat their scores and level. All these types include your score history, global top scores, and your progress graph.

For what you’re waiting, just download the app and enjoy the thrill of brain muscle squeezing with GlobusGames Brain Memory Master. Give this combination of Puzzles a try and I am sure you will thoroughly ENJOY it.