CaveRun Mowgli

Are you got bored while playing Mario for a long long time? CaveRun Mowgli is the one that can satisfy your needs. This is an adventures game which takes you on a vogue with Mowgli. Play various levels and enjoy the fun-packed adventures routes of Mowgli. On your way collect the coins and fight with enemies.

Played Mario for a long long time and got bored! Now try Mowgli

Mowgli have numerous thing exciting for you to discover while you rush past your disturbing thundering hurdles in a scary cave. Grab your coins and reward on the go and get bonus life in every 30 minutes to go on and on.

Thrilling and horrifying graphics will increase your interest

Scary creatures, deep valleys, rocks, burning ovens all await to get the five lives you’d get while you run as fast as and as long as you can, and collect as many coins as you can.

Learn with Fun

the best thing about GlobusGames CaveRun is – it’ll takes learning the multiplication facts to a new level. With this game, you grab the coins while exploring an underground as well as horrifying cave. Be careful of the volcanoes, ice traps, boulders, and crevasses. In this game, your adventure starts running along the cave floor gathering gold coins. Tap the screen to make him jump from platform to platform. As the adventurer get farther and farther into the cave, the levels increase in difficulty and speed. This is one of those learning games that most of the time kids want to PLAY. CaveRun Mowgli make learning FUN.

How to play

  • Download and install the game (Totally Free)
  • Click on “click here to start” to start the game
  • Select levels from level screen
  • Tap to jump, tap longer to jump higher and collect the coins and don’t fall
  • Be aware, don’t touch the enemy you may lose a life
  • Click on “refill life” to share on Facebook and get 5 free lives