Space Debris Phantom

One of the most challenging and enjoyable game in the mobile gaming world, available for both Android as well as iOS platforms. The main objective of the game is to help the astronaut pass through various debris of the space shuttle in the outer space. The gameplay is pretty much tricky because it is very impossible to complete a level.
But the game controls always deal with tapping the screen and making sure that you have completed the level in 30 seconds. But if anyone is not able to pass through the debris then why fear when we are here because the game has a special blue bubble which can be used when passed through and gives a protective shield to the astronaut to protect him from the falling debris in the outer space.

Brain Memory Master

This game is specifically designed to test the aptitude of a person. There are 9 tests which is specifically designed to tease your brain namely Missing Alphabet, color identity, face identity, different cell, missing letter, red & blue cell, identity sequence, spot the difference and pairing of colors.
Each test has endless questions asked to the player, the player is given 8 bulbs which signifies that the player has 8 lives and he has to make sure that he does not lose all the 8 lives by giving the wrong answers 8 times.
Some of the tests have a stipulated time limit, which is very necessary for grasping the question. In that given time you should understand the question and give the right answer before you lose a life.

Bow Hunting Chief

Bow Hunting Chief is a unique game modernize with integrated features which enthusiast you with it’s astonishing UI and functionality. The entire game has specially designed with cocos2d which is an open source platform to design 2D game engine for mobile game apps and having 50 levels all amusing to play. The game have a tremendous feature that’ll surely immerse you into thrilling entertainment right from the beginning.
Just Imagine, you’re walking slowly in the forests, well dressed up in camouflage, without making any sounds, with the bow in your hands……all off sudden, you see group of birds flying in front of you….far away. You take the bow strain it and shoot….sound interesting? Yes, Bow Hunting Chief is exactly same! So, what are you waiting for? Just be ready to feel some adrenaline rushing through your veins because, Bow Hunting Chief will give you that!

CaveRun Mowgli

Remember Mowgli? CaveRun Mowgli will take you back to the days of Mowgli! It’s a complete adventurous game having multiple levels of fun & thrill-packed adventurous routes of Mowgli. Enjoy the voyage of the thrilling game with Mowgli by collecting all the coins that comes on your way and save yourself by fighting with the enemies.
Want to make your near and dear ones a part of this game? Don’t worry, CaveRun Mowgli is a Facebook integrated game app that will let you easily get connect, play and share your scores with family and friends. Get the feel of being in Mowgli’s shoes and hunt over the adventurous voyage.
A thrilling fantasy cave run game is here! Enjoy the adventuresome run through the mysterious cave.

Maths Topia

Increase your calculation skills by playing this game. The difficulty of the level increases with increase in the levels. Add, Subtract,Divide and Multiply your way through countless levels meant to test your skills.
* Basically, Good for children who are at their starting stages in learning Mathematics.
* Difficulty level changes according to player’s skill level. At first, game will be easy so as to understand Player’s skill ratio.
*Countdown Timer decreases as the skill level increases.

Alien Squad Smash

Defend your city from aliens raining down the sky. Use your finger to trigger weapons of mass destruction and destroy the invading aliens. Do not let them touch the ground or your health will decrease, but shooting them up with combo attacks award you with extra lives.
* Drag and destroy enemies with simple touch and drag movements.
* Colourful UI and detailed background.
* Health is restored in two ways :
> Watch an Ad and gain 50+ lives instantly.
> Wait for the timer to finish countdown and then you can start the game again.

Play Panda

Soar through forests, villages and runes as a Panda. Yes, you heard it right. A panda aims to fly higher and longer through the forests while eating many types of food items along the way. Help the panda achieve this and along the way achieve your highscore. You can then invite your friends or foes to try beating your high score.
* Mesmerising levels and playthroughs for the player to experience.
* Intense gameplay which will have the player hooked onto it, Guaranteed.
* Gain a high score and invite friends to play the game.

Letters To Word

Get ready to experience the world of letters, the game which makes you a master of vocabulary.Quickly match up alphabets to form words before the timer runs out.
* In this game, players have to arrange alphabets to form words as quickly as possible.
* Every new player will get 25 lives and 20 hints.
* Here the player can choose to play from 3,4 or 5 letters game
* Ones the player starts the game, he/she needs to arrange alphabets to form possible words within the given time.
* The player can also use hints in between the game, if they feel confused.
* The game ends when the timer finishes its countdown.