Play Panda

Soar through forests, villages and runes as a Panda. Yes, you heard it right. A panda aims to fly higher and longer through the forests while eating many types of food items along the way. Help the panda achieve this and along the way achieve your highscore. You can then invite your friends or foes to try beating your high score.


  • Mesmerising levels and playthroughs for the player to experience
  • Intense gameplay which will have the player hooked onto it, Guaranteed.
  • Gain a high score and invite friends to play the game.


  • With your finger, Tap and drag across the screen to create a trampoline for the panda to jump.
  • With every trampoline jump, the panda gains speed and altitude.
  • Along the way, pick up birds which provide you with a crazy speed boost.
  • Watch ads to resume gaming or start afresh.