Space Debris Phantom

The Story of Space Debris Phantom

Phantom is reborn again in 2050 with GlobusGames and now he is not a simple jungle protector but a die hard most intelligent astronaut. He has been tasked to discover planets beyond the realm of our solar system which have the life. He needs to travel 500 light years and travel all over the universe for this task. Sound thrilling and interesting. Now assume, you are Phantom and you have to do his task! Just wear your space suit and get ready to play this game!

Journey of Space Debris Phantom

You are a dragon-hearted astronaut flying through the seamless enigmatic universe scattered with huge meteors, asteroids, dust, comets, rocks, smoke, magnetic waves, dangerous rays and anything that make you scary you can imagine. You never know where you are and what can sudden come to you and hit you any moment in the deep blue fathomless sea of stars. Your job is to swim through this debris and help phantom reach the planet called as Nova.

So are you ready to complete this task!!!Enjoy the journey and share your experience with your friends as you discover new planets and new stars and new galaxies.

You have the power to propel yourself nevertheless. This is your key to beat the odds and maneuver swiftly past any hurdle and accumulating reward points for crossing every difficulty every level

How to play

  • Download and install the game (Totally Free)
  • Click on tap to play to start the game
  • Select any levels from total 40 various levels
  • Tap anywhere and fly in between the debris
  • Collect bonus to get more scores
  • Share on Facebook to get extra lives
  • Ask your friends to gain extra lives